Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two rides, one in sand, the other up high

got over to draper to do four 20 minute intervals.

here is the cross roads of that area.
and what did i see? all these boy scouts. if you look closely you can see a girl there. so no they are not boy scouts, they must be junior wildfire recruits.
went to bonniville shore trail going south. it rolls up and down and even along a highway. its good single track and easy to keep heart rate at "LT"
then i get to this part and the new trail machine was turned on and two new trails grew over night. the one to the left just goes up to the road. the left is the original trail widened and made softer, because its new and the dirt is actually sand here.
and when i say sand, i mean beach sand!!! this is where 29er wide tires really shined. skinny 2.1 or 1.95 xc tires would be like riding a road bike at the beach.
got a text from sally to ride up at solitude in an hour. so i rode back to clarks. did a really slow 20 minute TT in 32x34. i still ran out of cardio at the top!!

then down canyon hollows to BST going north for a while. got back to the truck and drove to solitude.

sally wanted to do the race track for this weekends race. it starts going up bess queen, then up the steep road to the steep fire road and down cruzer.
i got a flat right at the end of the downhill. sally is a bunch of fun to ride with and can really hammer the downhills.