Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hiking up great western trail to the last patch of snow.

right now everything is still green, the biting flys are out and i didn't think there would be any snow left.

here is the sweet single track going up. clutch is giving me the usual "hey human, huuuuuurrry up man"

nice cool, crisp and clear running spring water that is everywhere in our mountains.

so we get very high up and the husky goes ballistic. at first i thought he saw a deer and i lost him. then i hear both dogs jumping around and wriggling on their backs on the last little patch of snow on the mountain.
must feel good to put your hot doggy butt on cool snow. they played in it for 20 minutes. eating it, sliding around, digging and throwing it at each other just like little kids.
when i told the husky it was time to go, he looked back like he was leaving his best friend in the world for good. a little husky tear fell from his eye as he took one last bite of snow for the road and we were off down the mountain.

ahh good times.....