Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday 6am ride at Solitude resort

60 foot tall moodude is racing this saturday at solitude so matt had us ride there around the race course. i had just been there with sally a couple days ago, but this place is fun.

who was there you say?

well cobes, the pic isn't blury he is....
will showed up wanting to buy cobes single speed vassago jabberwocky.
zoso was there flying up the hills on his "all mountain" 26" bike.
matt of course and wearing a "win susan" jersey no less. for those not in the know another popular blogger "fatty cyclist guy" has made amazing advancements in getting the word out on helping to fight cancer awareness. his blog is funny and informative. kinda like mine only different.

moodude, and justin from colorado.

we went up queen bess and across the flats, up very steep fire road and downhill'ed kruzer. i somehow pich flatted again at the top of kruzer. got going again. kruzer has a few ups and downs. on one of the ups justin was good enough to stop right at the top and just after a few bumpy roots.
i was envisioning myself coming to a stop and just balancing until he got going. nope, we bumped and i went down.

i took it easy as it was very dusty and didn't want to flat again. once down zoso was in a hurry to get to work and cobes didn't find the need for anymore riding. so moondude, matt and i rode up the road to serenity and went down that trails in reverse.

moodude lives just above there so he invited us over for pancakes. very nice and tasty!!!

i got home and wrench on the jeep for a while. later i set my stans flow wheelset tubless with the rampage in back and the racing ralph 2.4 in front. they were a little stubborn to set up, but i finally got them to seal.

just a bit tired of pinch flatting lately. the kenda small block 8 tire i had in back just would not seal tubeless, so i threw it in the closet along with the edge carbon fiber wheelset. the stans flows are a bit wider and robust enough for the longer rougher rides i have been doing lately.

took the doggies on a little hike up to mount aire. steep and shady.