Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ogden ride in the sunny heat...what a mistake.

this first pic is for rick. just sayin....

ok so i pack up a bunch of water bottles all done up with hammer products so i won't run into the same problem as last time i did this ride. which was i ran out of electrolytes.
the ride out was non eventful until i ran into some redneck tractor "god bless usa" parade. had to do a detour, not too bad.
got out to ogden in 2 1/2 hours and felt great.

ate some food and jumped back on the bike after snapping this pic. apparently there all these horse's all over main town painted all differently. i will be taking pics and posting on the following rides.

on the ride back i started feeling the suns rays beating my back and arms, but did not think anything of it, other than "man that is hot".

about one hour from getting home i started cramping. and i am thinking "no way!!!". i still had hammer product and was following the correct dosage. what is going on? i stop and eat more. more carbs, more protien and more electrolytes. yes i felt better, but then the cramps came back?

so i slow way down and just limp back, very reminiscent of the last time i ran out of product and was just drinking water. my mind was just not comprehending what was wrong. the more i went over it, the more it did not make sense.

the last climb up the mountain to my house is a good rise, but no major thing and never been a problem in any way in the past. my legs cramped so bad i had to stop. luckily(or so i thought) right at a 7-11.

i go in and refuel with more carbs and electrolytes. i sat there in front for 2o minutes and rested up. jumped on the bike and with in 50 feet i cramped up even worse. huh?

it took me one hour to ride up 3300 south. that is about 35 blocks of hill. barely made it though the front door and collapsed on the couch. i forced a recovery drink down my throat, because by that time i had drank and eaten so much i was way full. threw myself in the shower(ahh that helped) and sat back down on the couch to ponder why i was in such bad shape.

right then in my stupor, my roommates walk in and say "boy you look not so good". "thanks" i blurt out. "no, you are really sunburnt".
ding, ding, ding". the light bulb of revelation went off in my head.

i had way enough product, food and drink, i was burnt!! that is why my body crashed. riding in the super hot sun and exercising that long was too much.

ok so i felt better. well not physically, but mentally. i haven't been burnt like this in a long time so i forgot.
yeah, forgot i am irish with pale white boy skin. even though i got some color from past sunny days, i do still burn.

right now i am toasty warm still from the burn and dehydrated, even though i have been downing water this whole time. an it was only my arms, neck and tops of my thighs that got it.

lessons learned daily around here. ya never stop learning i guess. or relearning that is..........