Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rode to orem and back today

racked another 100 miles and six hours in the saddle.

cobes plan is to ride to work a couple times a week to build up his miles, so i tagged along for the ride. meeting at 6:15am, he was a little late so when he showed up and took off i was not too surprised.

i was not warmed up yet and cobes jumped right to a 34mph on the flat heading towards draper on 900 east. i had to draft for a little to get my unhappy cold legs warmed up.
we soon were exchanging places or riding side by side when the bike lane was wide enough.

one thing about cobes is that he can really motor on a flat road. we got to draper in no time and shuffled up to 1300 east to highland. that little uphill got us to the point of the valley where i knew it would be windy and rough roads.

and it was. we hit the wind and slowed to 24mph. it was starting to hurt, but it was over and we coasted down into the other valley.
from there we meandered until state street and it was pretty much a straight shot to cobes work from there.
it was kinda tough to get pics, but i managed one as cobes was pulling away.

here is cobes new ride leaning at the high tech door at his work.
he was good enough to run inside and fill one of my water bottles.
got a shot of myself in the mirrored doors.
the ride back was straight forward. and reverse of what we did pretty much. except that i did it right then and cobes would be doing it after work.

getting back up to the point and then hitting head wind going the opposite direction did not make my legs happy. i just grabbed the drops and pedaled away. until.....i reached 3900 south and had to go back up the mountain to my house. i was expecting more pain, but the blocks just passed and i sailed up the hill.
moodude said he even saw me going up. drink and food was perfect for this ride even though i did the same as the ogden rides. it was a bit cooler though.

my bum bum was not happy at the end. i still need to find a better long distance saddle. i had to change positions often the last hour.

got home ate, showered, watched a movie and recovery was fairly quick. six hours and i was ready to ride again.