Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crest trail today yeah!!!!

tried to put the small block 8 on the edge wheel and it was just too loose to make a seal. so i went with the rampage 2.35(which is wider than the weirwolf 2.55 up front) on the stans flow wheel. its a bit wider rim and heavier for sure. good for training.

today for the 6am thursday ride we got to start at mill D trailhead and ride up big cottonwood canyon road to guardsmans pass road then up that. we did not stop at the elbow, we continued to the top of guardsmans.

ok so that is some steep road and the boys were pushing middle chainring the whole way up. surprisingly it did not hurt as much as i anticipated and i had legs when we got there. recovery is speeding up as well. heartrate went from 165 to 115 in 30 seconds after one hour of steep constant hill push.

we got a fun little twisty single track at bobs trail. it was still morning dark and with my shades on to protect my eyes, i brushed a tree hard enough to send my front tire off the trail on the opposite side. after over correcting i was heading straight for the next tree very fast, but was able to to dig the big 29er front tire into the soft dirt and slow enough to hit the 10"root that the tree had growing on the trail. whew!!!! all in a matter of six feet!!! i felt like a pinball from one side of the trail to the other.

we descended and got dropped off at puke hill. today that hill looked short(it isn't) but steeper than normal. moodude has been riding or racing everyday so it was his turn to play red lantern saying how his legs just felt dead.
manga matt and spider seemed to always be 10 feet in front of me no matter how hard i pedaled.
puke hill starts off steep and just gets steeper. it doesn't end it keeps going. just when you have exhausted all your strength, there is more and it gets steeper. finally you can see the top, just 100 yards away, but as you look up the trail is getting steeper. WTF? it gets to be like 30% grade. when there is snow, it is an avalanche waiting to happen.
anyways i dig down and pull up power from somewhere and catch matt/spider. it cost me some matches, but there is just some medium hills only after that.
i was able to keep it in middle chainring the whole way, but cadence came to a dangerously slow cranking.

spider, moondude and manga matt. my punishers for the day. don't let those baggy shorts fool ya, these guys are brutes.

the rest of the trail is a delight with fast rolling single track, occasional rocky sections, a couple of 30 foot steep rocky uphills to wake you up and fast fast jumps/waterbars at the bottom.

it becomes a good workout after such a long downhill twisting and turning and braking. you have to somewhat keep speed from becoming too ridiculous as there are hikers who pop up around blind corners sometimes.
thats ok, its fun just the same.

total ride time was 2:10:00 for the whole loop. then moodude tells us that he did it in 1:10:00 earlier in the week. huh? that would put him in 2-3 gears taller on all the steep climbs? i will have to work on that.

no matter because since my knee surgery in march, cardio is continuously improving and i feel right on schedule for some endurance rides/races this fall and for cyclecross season.