Saturday, July 17, 2010

D-Epic preride number one and poolslide BBQ afterwards

the D-epic is scheduled for oct 2. so we went to preride some of the trails in park city.

princess di, south canyon, three mile trail and rail trail. along for the ride was moondude, cobes, manga matt, spider, retro bill and jake. all good strong riders.

here is the pano of the parking lot at round valley were we started from.
we had to cross with some road time to get to rail trail. its basicly a really buff flat fire road with cow gates every couple of miles. made a left turn and up three mile trail.
we eventually hit princess di and decided to do it backwards. its a rolling uphill single track with lots and lots of tight switchbacks going up. the over growth is pretty thick, from knee to hip high. it smacks you in the shins for half of the trail. there is lots of thistle with its stinging nettle that we all got our knees and shins stuck with.
on the decent i got a thick branch stuck in my driveline and pulled it out. a little ways down the trail i broke my chain. so i had to stop and remove a link
princess di ends at I80 and we had to cross under to get to the connector to the end of rail trail. under this waterway under the freeway we go

back on rail trail, but the other end its a flat dirt road so we made a pace line with moondude mostly leading. got back to the parking lot with about two hours ride time. so we decide to do another half hour of round valley trails. they were fun. the decent was flowy with bermed turns twisting and turning. i want to ride that area some more soon.

jake and retro bill took off to park city for another 2-3 hours of trails while the rest of us went to moondudes condo in the sky at solitude. BBQ and then lounging by the pool and jacuzzi was excellent.

then we started going down the kiddy slide. it was a bit slow and tame so we started getting a running start and jumping headfirst or feet first.
i got the idea to so a 180 and hit the pool on my back and headfirst. well i had to spin on one of the turns and that gave me all sorts of speed. cobes then just started going down backwards and headfirst which gave you a much different point of view(cause you are looking up the slide) and increasing speed as well. that was it and we started all sorts of debauchery.

us big kids did lap after lap after lap while the pool crowd looked on in astonishment. we didn't care it was fun. then back in the jacuzzi for more relaxing followed by more BBQ and then home.

yes it was a good day.

you can just barely see the slide here.