Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pushing too hard on purpose. Seven hour trail ride

since matt canceled the 6am thursday ride i slept in and left for a six hour ride at 9:30.

loaded up the white jet9 with three water bottles and one in my jersy pocket. today i tried just using heed and not perpeteum. also i used elete electrolyte drink additive instead of endurolytes.

today i planned on riding up millcreek road, up little water trail to great western trail. up and over to canyons resort and across mid mountain trail going right or south for a while and then reverse back home. and that was the plan. i would stop at the resort at canyons to refill my water bottles on the way back and hopefully it will take six hours.....
here is a pano of millcreek road and creek.
i kept to 165-175 heart rate all the way up for the first 2 hours. the reason? i wanted to kinda wear down the body and see how effective just heed(carbs no protein) and elete electrolyte worked.
got up to the park city look out fairly quickly without blowing up. i made sure to stand up often to also tax the legs as much as the cardio.
zoomed down to mid mountain on the connector pass. there is lots of construction here and there at the canyons. they are nice enough to carve out new trails that go around all the traffic bullshit.
mid mountain is very fun. very rolling and swoopy. just enough rocks and roots to keep you alert. i could keep it in a big gear and keep momentum up. it nice and shaded and not much effort is wasted going all along.

made it in no time to the reroute. its still kinda rough. although less dusty, it need more riders on it. i had to shift down to easy midring gear. oh BTW i have been in middle ring the whole time. yeah for me.

i skipped tuesdays ride so i felt quite rested so far. legs although got a good workout didn't feel as bad as i was thinking.

got past the reroute and started down, but i ran into my mid point time line. so after a few water bottle switch arounds, i had the lovely time of reclimbing the reroute on the other side.
ok not so bad, but with the first two hours harder effort, my legs were getting tired. and getting tired fast. in fact climbing that part in middle ring pretty much drained the legs.

so now i am back on mid mountain and feeling somewhat drained. no problem right. its rolling and i can just rest till i need to climb back.!!! going north on mid mountain is more uphill and you are not able to keep momentum, even more so when you are tired.
so all those little uphills were an effort instead of just coasting over and resting.

yuck. and not good. i limped along till i got to the connector to get back up to the overlook. and its kinda steeper and rolling in an uphill way. i gave into front small ring. not only that, i had to dig into granny gear.

heart rate was kept in check at about 130-145. but leg strength was failing even in those ridicules low gears. it took much too long to climb and i even had to rest a few times. lower back and arms were feeling like the legs now. but i am happy to report that electrolytes were still working. and even though at this point i was supplementing with shot blocks and hammer gel, legs were seriously close to fatigue cramping.

i have learned the difference as electrolyte cramping comes on fast and fatigue cramps kinda teases you with almost cramping for an hour or so. even with that i poured on the carbs that i had to try and combat fatigue.
no go. right at the top of the overlook i cramped, well a little, not a total cramp, but enough.

the descent on great western is fun and fast. it drops you in to another rolling tree lined single track and then finally back onto the road. the road down is all about no brakes on a mountain bike. i actually get going too fast on the cyclecross bike and have to brake for some corners.

made it home in seven hours. a bit longer, but tons of good info to log and digest into race/training plans.

if i am going to do leadville or even finish the D-epic, i need to either start off super slow for the first 5-7 hours or get stronger between now and then.

either i change training plans now and concentrate on strength or keep building hours in the saddle. its a toss up.
i am happy with just getting this far in four short months. going from a fit couch potato with no riding in the last six months and a spotty last year due to knee pain, to at least surviving a 6-7 hour hilly trail ride.
i am going to guess that todays total climb elevation was almost 9,000 feet in 90 degree weather. 9,000 feet in four hours, but not all at one time.