Saturday, July 24, 2010

The importance of a proper warm up

something that most of us neglect or do not place enough importance is the warm up.

here is what i do. 5x5x5x5x5x5. now that doesn't make sense until i add in heart rates. for me its 5 minutes at 140, 5 minutes at 150, 5 minutes at 160, 5 minutes at 140, 5 minutes at 170, 5 minutes at 150.

the theory is to build up slowly to 5 beats below your lactate threshold, but do it in a pulse. ramp three up, skip two down, skip four up then skip two down.

do this before a race and then just spin really easy for 10-30 minutes before your race and you will explode off the start with out suffering from heart rate spike or loss of energy.

after a proper warm up, i am scheduled to do 10x3 intervals with 3 minutes rest in between.

i got up to this semi shaded stretch of millcreek road. its medium easy steep and clear.

i break these intervals up in to thirds. the first part i am just getting up to speed. a cadence of 95 works best. the 2/3rd part i just spin and use a gear that nets me 180HR. the last third i do not slow down, but just use momentum to keep spinning and HR. the total length is about 1/4 mile.

the first two i used to find the right gear. then i did ten more. three minutes on up the hill and three minutes off going down. its a big loop. get it.

it goes by really fast and although you are working about 70-80% while spinning, it does not hurt much and recovery is done before you start each one over.

i will progressively ramp these up over the month to almost max HR. since these were the first foray into a higher heart rate in a long time, i wanted not to over do it.

if you haven't guessed i have entered the spin/speed part of this years period. intervals 2-3 times a week and one good long ride. i will still be building in the long ride because i still need to extend that for this years epics.

hammer nutrition was good enough to send me a new jersey. it more white and snappy looking. the sleeves seemed tight at first but did not bug me while riding. the material seems thicker with more sweat wicking ability that my other team kit.
thanks hammer. i do use their products.