Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Very rough road

on my continual build to get longer rides in i rode to ogden today. right from the start i knew my legs didn't have it. and they didn't have it all day.

pretty much the same route as last time. no head wind i am proud to say, but a stiff side wind. that seemed to gust and try to throw me off the bike. felt like i was on a full disk wheel again and sailing the sea of road.

some how the city of ogden thought it might be a good idea to throw down really sharp little rocks and spray a fine coat of tar on them all over the road.

here is a section where the new mess meets the old smoothy
not only is it rough but bumpy too. made for a slow and tuff ride. can't wait for winter and the snow plows to scrap this stuff flat.

other than that same time 2:20 up and 2:30 on the way back. except that i flatted twice on that rough sharp rocky new pavement.

weird that i can ride through loose rocks, big cracks, uneven manhole covers, but a bunch of sharp little rocks and my tire goes flat.....sssssssssssss.

i was just feeling invincible with my cheap kenda tires and this happens. both times i hear a loud "POP" and then 1/2 mile later i slowly go soft.........bummer.

had to call for a ride as i got even a third flat(my fault)(sssssssssssss) three miles from home. i ran over a broken glass pile and got a large sliver through the tire. somehow i lost my tire lever and had to make that call....you know which one.

"ummmm, hello", "yeah, you know"....."no, i'm still riding"..."no, i'm not hurt"...."ummm. no the bike is not hurt"...."just flat"..."yes"..."just a flat tire"...."can you pick me up?"...."well, now"...."no i can't wait, its 100 degrees"....."ok thanks".

hate making that call with such a lame reason. filled up on ice water and snacks at the 7-11 and waited. then dissembled most of my bike to try and make it fit in a car that gets amazing gas mileage, but not too much room inside.

no worries though. got a six hour ride in at easy, yes, easy pace. remember the dead legs. well they didn't magically get feeling stronger over the course of the ride. did they? no.

the outdoor retailer show is coming up and i will miss a whole week of riding, so i must get cracking this week and burn myself out so i can rest(sure while working my butt off) during the show.