Sunday, August 8, 2010

400 daily readers and fresh legs for todays ride.

first off great news i have surpassed for the second month in a row with over 400 daily readers. that makes me happy that i can at least entertain that many people, in a good or bad way.....

for todays ride i was all ancy, as i had to work all week. ok back track. i logged in about 12-16 hours everyday of core workout for the week. this actually works in good for training as it gets me off the bike, but gives me a tough full body challenge. making a regime that allows for that kind of flow is tough to do and i got paid for it to boot. getting back on the bike felt good.

i will be wrapping up with the D-epic this year, then rest for three weeks and start base training for next year.
so the plan is to gain one full rear cassette gear in climbing per week until i can't climb anymore in it or reach one week before the D-epic. tapering the week before that ride.

i still am doubtful of spending 9-14 hours in the saddle and climbing many of park city's tough trails. i was kinda hoping to ride leadville or park city point to point, but alas i will not be ready for them in time. its mostly lower back, triceps, neck and butt/saddle that are holding me back right now.
also cramping out at hour 5 when pushing at race speeds. adjustment in higher liquid food has seemed to minimize that problem

since i took a full week off of riding my legs were really fresh today, but i only had a two hour easy spin up the hill to do. target was to get up to dog lake in about two hours and i did it right on the dot.
using a 32x30 the whole way up. the first part was way too easy. it wasn't until i got to the dirt trail on dog lake that it became more challenging.

i will try the same ride tomorrow and see how it feels not feeling as fresh. i got my one hour of swim time then also.