Monday, August 9, 2010

Rinse repeat ride today

dunno the people in the pic, my phone took too long to snap it and they got in the way.

same ride today, felt good, not as fresh, but still good.

a quick two hour jaunt up to dog lake. i forgot to mention yesterday that i made the switchback to steep little climb right near the top. although it has been smoothed out a bit, it used to cause me to dismount 50% of the time.
i have made it four times in a row, so that makes me happy.
right after that, the trail has a few steep parts that hurt for just a little bit, then your at the sign. challenging to stay in middle ring.

on the way down i chose to ride the road and not the pipeline down. speed racing down and just after the boyscout camp i encountered a very stiff sidewind out of nowhere.

so stiff in fact that it caught me by surprise and found myself drifting off the road and into the mountain side. i quickly leaned into the wind and caught about 1/2 of air for about five feet. the sensation of a hang glider comes to mind.
normally that would not be so heart racing but i was traveling at a speed beyond my gearing(37-39mph?).
in my minds eye i envisioned some of the possible crashes.

the one where the bike turns 180 degrees and you slam very hard into the ground sideways and grind down body parts like a cheese grater.
the one where your tires touch back down slightly towards the left and you head on crash into a car on the other side of the road.
the one where you panic and grab only the front brake and go over the bars to do the cheese grating skin thing again.
the one where you wake up in the hospital and remember nothing, but three eye witnesses have three different accounts of what happened and you have bandages from head to toe over the cheese grating.

i would have imagined more, but my bike lightly touched down on the road as steadied by an angels hand and i continued on my way like nothing happened. yea, nothing other than my heart rate went from 90 to 200 in a second.

as i was nervously giggling to myself about my amazing luck, some truck blasts his horn at me and i almost drop a a load in my shorts. it was some guy i rode with a while a go and he saw the whole thing. he was yelling and grinning from ear to ear, telling me how kool that was, waving his hands all around and if i was going to go back up and do it again.
i had to yell back that i was late for something(like getting my heart checked) and i could not.

with rubbery legs i soft peddled the rest of the way down the mountain and stood in the shower, uncheese grated and trying to convince myself that i was not in a coma dreaming that i was in a shower.