Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Park City loop trails and trees death/destruction

in an attempt to ride more of the unridden trails in park city by me, trish was good enough to volunteer her trail guiding expertise.

here we see the humble beauty slugging down some cycling refreshment.
we started at park city mountain resort or pcmr as the locals call it.

riding up the streets to deer valley resort we rapidly rose up numerous trails with names that sped by so quickly that my head was starting to spin. that or it was the mass switchbacks going up.

now i'm not complaining, in fact i commend the trail makers for coming up with really fun trails that we were lucky enough to ride today. after an hour of climbing we were rewarded with this nice view over looking the valley.
trish in her always humble way, reminded me to take it easy on her going up the hills, but as i thought, she was stuck to my rear tire like glue. a combo of gears and sweat brought us to an even higher elevation and more spectacular views of park city.

wonderful shaded single track that rolled up and down and sideways was simply as much as a pleasure as my trail guide today. we chatted and shared as we rode which made the ride all the more enjoyable.

a great cluster of aspen through the single track. even though my phone now only takes blury pics.........:(

further along the trails we came upon this site.
it was the resort trail crew clearing more ski trails for the new season. although this has happened many times in the past, never have i witnessed it personally. hundreds and hundreds of trees chopped down and being chopped down right in front of us. it was sad and even painful to hear these trees being fell with cracks and thunks.
we were actually stopped for a small while so trees on the trail just cut could be moved off. a very moving and disturbing scene.

we made our way to powerline, a trail that i climbed once before with retro bill and cobes. it proved to still be quite steep steep and loose.
trish and i made good time up to shadow lake in no time. a quick decent along the the very same trail brought us to spiro.

this trail was very fun racing down the hill. trish got in front and really let the jet engine burn. we had to ask to pass many riders. somewhere near the bottom as this fun trail twists and turns a female rider, although traveling fast, was not fast enough, did not want to relinquish us to pass.

we were able to get around her on a short double track section and get back up to speed.
coming out on to the resort parking lot where the car was parked we were grins from ear to ear. then the "non-passer" female rider comes up with a stink-eye look and almost falls in the parking lot. we made faces to her back after she passed.

i really had fun today and had trish with her trail bravado was to blame. great trails and great company, thats why i'm here.