Friday, August 13, 2010

Park City loop trails part two

wanting to figure out how to get from round valley trails to deer valley, trish again was my tour guide.

we started at park city mountain resort, pcmr, and rode streets cutting across park city to the backside of round valley.

after a few trails that i cannot remember, we ended up going up rambler. this section was fun and rolled and twisted in the characteristic way of the park city trails. that led us to more trails that zipped by and finally made our way down to the parking lot of round valley and the start of the park city point 2 point race.

from there we crossed onto the street and across that up a trail onto prospector. this trail i was thinking was going to be a lot of steep up and down, but was more rolling and fun. a bit dry and dusty though. we soon wound up on solamere loop and then on to deer valley.

i made this promise
some of prospector
stopping for a quick snack
looking towards deer valley
this was the area that we crossed a couple of days back were you can see all the dead cut down trees across the valley.

we cut the small last trail out as it was just a little round about and headed back to the car. a good two hour ride and some new trails learned.

i switched bells on the white jet9 and was told that this bell is much more annoying.
"ring ring". a fast descending female rider almost head on ran me down on lost prospector. good thing i had my bell!!! "ring ring"