Thursday, August 19, 2010

Salt air TT ride

first off this ride was farther than i thought and i got caught with two water bottle on a four hour ride in 95 degree weather.

rode with trish again as she was my guide.
on the ride out and passing the airport there are all these gates you have to manually open and go through. then the road gets straight and long. a little bumpy at first, but smoother later.

this is trish's bike. a nice giant carbon ocr without any labels.
as my luck would have it we came upon this vending machine and i got a few gatoraids to make the trip back. not the best liquid/fuel, but better than nothing.
it was icy cold and good!!!!
the marina was not as salty/briney smell as i thought. most of the the sail boats looked used.

the ride back went by faster, until the very end. where gatoraid doesn't have enough electrolytes for me and i started to feel it.

felt like a 60 mile ride total as i didn't have any computer on this bike.
trish can really hammer the flat and we wound up riding in a 44x14or 16 for most of the flat with a 90 cadence spin.