Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mueller trail plus some street.

in an always endeavor to take pics as interesting and creative as allison mann, here i get a self portrait ala riding.

notice mud on my face....doh!!!!

this was an accidental shot, but shows my pathetic view of my bike from my perspective. extra water bottle, pump strapped to bars, computer and bell.

quite the cocky smirk if i do say so myself.

pouser showing cycling tan line on leg.......

for the next four pics of trish(my official trail guide) you have to make your own sound of an indy car racing by cause thats how fast this girl was moving on this trail...........

halfway up there is a little lookout of west bountiful and part of elephant rock.

so mueller trail was not what i expected. a lot of riders have passed this trail up as option to ride. why? i don't know. it starts off shaded and rather nice. midway there are some roots, water bars and a few rocks, but still very ridable. just enough to keep you awake.
the climb is continuous without being too strenuous.
you can ride this as an "out and back" or a loop. we did the loop and the descent was over grown enough to be whipping the arms and legs to the ouwy stage. it did have some interesting small sections though.

to back track a bit, we rode about an hour of street before getting there, with a big 3 mile hill in there. and streets at the end too. got up to 42mph on the way down and i could really feel the unevenness of the rampage 2.35 on the back as it wobbled around.
trish as i am finding out is any excellent rider. she steadily climbed and cleaned all the obstacles with authority. and this was her second day doing the same trail!!! total time was three hours at a good pace.