Sunday, August 29, 2010

Park City update and Point2poont being marked

was going to take today off but the weather was so nice that i had to ride. trish had this idea for a sunday route. start at canyons parking lot, ride streets to pcmr, then up spiro, across mid mountain and down holly's

trish getting ready
my ridicules machine. incidentally the water bottle on my stem broke today.
right at the start we saw shannon and jay who are putting on the park city point2point. they were marking the course for next week. we had some rain last night, but the trail was tracky and fast.
made it up spiro fairly easily and got on mid mountain. came upon this sign about the reroute still in effect. the reroute has calmed down and was rather fun.

a nice change from the usual buff park city trails there are some rocks to ride on here.

going down holly's is fast and fun.

just at three hours today was a relaxed pace, just spinning and enjoying the views.