Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slim Pickins for posts, week recap and i ran over a squirrel.

first off the squirrel is ok. lately the squirrels have been making these suicide crossings on the road from one side to the other. don't know if its a competition, thrill seeking or a side effect of eating too many nuts.
so riding down millcreek road today after my workout, this squirrel crosses the street in front of me and at the last moment when reaches the other side he doubles back and goes right under my tire. not only did cross in front of me, but turned right at me.
i had no choice at my speed but to run his suicide a$$ over. i looked back and he was still running down the street and waving his little squirrel fist and flipping me off.

the rest of the week has been filled with many 2-3 hour rides highlighting on spinning intervals or big gear strength rides. also a healthy amount of core workouts as i have been building the new shop in ogden, getting it ready to start work there.
i even got called in to install some graphics at the PGA tour on wednesday.
boy that was a tough day. gale force winds were blowing and i spent seven hours on a steep roof, trying to lay down ten foot sheets of vinyl. it was like fighting a sailboat in a storm. then seven hours doing the same on the concrete walkways. if you watched the tour you can see my handywork on tv.

saw mark a couple of times charging up millcreek road. man that guy is always climbing 2 gears faster than me. today i saw him coming up as i was racing down, i hit the brakes, turned and gave chase. but to no avail. i kept switching to a higher gear and a higher gear, but he was not getting any closer. after a while i gave up.

did BST one day from zoo to city creek and back. made the dreaded rocky section on dry creek using tons of speed, but i think sand has filled in all the hard lines.
did flying dog backwards one day. non-eventful except that i did not see one person. which is weird cause its a well traveled trail.

gonna try to climb up big cottonwood canyon on the jet9(weighing 37 lbs. now), including gaurdsman to the top tomorrow. but that's only if my lower back is feeling better. the PGA tour work day did me in.

at least one person will find this very funny and one will not.......