Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BSTand long term Kenda Small Block 8 report test

lets start with the kenda small block 8. i hated the 26" version. it lacked traction and speed. the only use i could find was to run it at high psi on the street and then it still didn't grip well.

the 29er version is better and seems more supple/softer. this is a double edge sword. being softer it grips better with a bigger 29er contact patch, but i was prone to pinch flats at every psi up to the point that it didn't grip any more, then it would not flat the tube. also i tore the first one i had the first time out.

running them tubless solved the flatting problem and made them grip even more. this increased speed and traction!! great. they still are capable of tearing, but now tubeless they seem to be flexible enough not to tear...for now, i guess.

they are almost as fast as my 2.4 schwallaby racing ralphs or kenda 2.55 weirwolfs, not not as good traction as them.

the weight is comparable to them but this is a large 2.1 tire(like a 2.25).

getting them to go tubless on my stans flow wheels was a pita!!! they are too loose and the bead is tiny. my stans sets up most tires tubeless easily, not these.

i had to use the ghetto tubeless method to build up the rim wall. after two days of almost getting them to seal i finally built up enough stans to get them stuck.

i went out for a ride and they slowly lost air, until two hours into my ride they were too soft to ride. since then i added more stans, switched to a stans rim strip and they are now holding at 40 psi for three days.

here is the first unsuccessful ghetto tubleless set up.

i added another 5lbs to the bike to get stronger and ride a shorter ride today.

look trish theres that damm bell you like so much....ring ring!!!!!!!
the idea was to ride wastach to big cottonwood canyon, up, up up, to gaurdsman pass, up, up that, then turn around.

this is wastach
starting up big cottonwood
right when i got to gaurdsmans pass the rear tire would not hold air any more and i had to turn around refilling it constantly all the way home.

the next day with a stans rim strip i rode to bst zoo and across to city creek and back. the small block 8 held air this time and perform great.