Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wow life is busy lately

feeling like a dork lately as i haven't been posting. herman munster for sure.

happy with this picture as i seem to have perfected the alison mann self bike riding pic taking.
then i do this lame shot. oh well at least i am unique.

things that sound like a good idea until you do them......

so i have been riding, but not with a lot of consistency. gotta get back on track. mostly 2 hour rides with an occasional four hour. i noticed last week that my shins/knees where looking unscathed at the end of summer and then i go and fall two days in a row. so both knees and one shin is now all boo-boo. great! huh.

aiming for a long ride this weekend. oh yeah, i am back to trying out saddles. will keep you posted on the latest rounds.