Thursday, October 21, 2010

Season over, winter base training started

with the ultimate anti climax of the D-epic canceled last minute(many trivial excuses) my year ended quietly. no matter it was a successful year as far as clawing back into semi-shape. goal for the years end was to be able to climb all hills in a 32x20 gear, 3-5 hour rides at medium pace and be relative pain free. seems like i have been just getting back into shape for a while.....hmmmm.

with my new work schedule(9am-5pm) training has become very hard to fit in with a comfortable temperature or recovery tactics. lately i have been getting on the bike at 9pm(gasp, i know, night riding, yuck) for 2-3 hours quick meal and off to sleep.
that does not allow enough food for me to fully recover and i wake up sore in the morning. i will try to get up very early and ride before work. that way i can eat all morning till lunch and then eat a big lunch.

i just hate, repeat hate getting up any earlier than i have to. those that know me, know what i mean. once work calms down i will resume riding to work. now that will fix most problems and time stuff.
my other option is to ride near work, right after work, that the trails and roads pale in comparison to where i live. and i don't trust the drivers in ogden.

time management has been tough as well, trying to fit everything in smoothly. how did i use to do it before? oh yeah i had a loving partner that was home for me and did things when i did not have time. in exchange i gave her everything she wanted. seemed like a good life sure is harder on my own......

looking forward to CX season as i just paid for an expensive and painful dental torture. right now i cannot even afford the race fee. a bit high just for CX IMO, but it is just play time as i will be concentrating on the upcoming XC season.

what will the winter hold? more XC skiing than last year, which there was none. long rides on frozen snowy roads freezing my hands and toes off. riding the trails on the pugsley with the dogs and some long hikes with a heavy pack in the deep snow(with the doggies of course).

i will be riding a little bit harder this winter as i am still recooping cardio and bigger gears into the new year(32x17 on hills would be impressive). i will be aiming to ramp up to 4-6 hour rides 1-2 days a week by december and slowly add one longer ride per month from 7-9 hours. that should get me into endurance shape by summer(i hope). riding to work is part of that plan.

i have to dig out my cold riding gear as i already got some frozen fog/snow on at the top of the mountain one night and froze my a$$ off on the way down not to mention the road was frozen for a little while at the top. watch out for black asphalt.

Don't ask or ready for CX