Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or treat and dislocated shoulder.

the halloween cyclocross race ay wheeler historical farm was fun and kinda not. i really liked the course, although it was lacking obstacles, there were two long sand traps, a few grassy bumpy sections and two boards to jump over. lots of flat ground to give the roadies some advantage.

my sponsors for this event, ryan cobes and josh bikepeddler insisted i wear the bear costume. so i did and i roasted throughout the whole race. not only that, the big stuffed head kept bobbing in front of my face leaving me blind in many of the rough sections of the trail as well as acting like a parachute any time i got up to speed.

i got a slow midpack start as my plan was to start off easy and pick people off and finish top tenish. well that did not happen. my chain kept flying off the big ring(seven times total) and couple with some crashes from not being able to see over the floppy head i ended up tenth from the end.

i was able to get going quite fast passing riders often, then i would crash or lose the chain. seemed like i passed the same 20 riders over and over like a bad dream.
on a small downhill leading into a sandy section, the head did its best to cover my vision and when i flopped it back i was right in front of a big fallen tree. my front wheel hit it hard, i flew over the bars and proceeded to hit the tree growing right behind it with my left shoulder. it hurt a lot, but i got up, put that damm chain back on the chainring and sped off. my shoulder kept hurting through the race and increasingly more all day.

after the race, bob walker came up to me and tapped me with a frilly wand, he was dressed as a fairy. i called him a "fu%king fairy" and with a hearty laugh he slams a big hand on my hurt shoulder. i could have cried at that moment, but regain composure and decided to go home for a quick lunch and return with "clutch", my doggie to cheer on the other racers.

clutch wore "her" ballerina outfit and was the belle of the ball. every kid and female wanted to pet her and say "my what a pretty dog".......

at this point my shoulder was hurting more and more so i left and went to talk to my neighbor who is an orthopedic surgeon at the u of u. he said "yup, you managed to dislocate your shoulder".. i was like no way!!! i have done that before and it was much more painful, then i realized that my pain level was getting pretty high and it was swollen now.
he had me lay down and did a few movements which hurt like hell, but ended up in a pull that re-set my shoulder. all of a sudden most of the pain was gone and it was just really sore. i thanked him and promised some brownies or tasty treats.

at 32 seconds you can see clutch in her costume.

funny pic of the start here. what a mottly crew.