Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ouch!!!! riding with one arm hurts!!!

first off i got back my headset from crank brothers on warranty. finally installed it on my jet9 29er. gonna switch to the nokian 294 extreme studded tires for the icy winter riding coming up.

jumped on the access single speed with 32x21 gearing and speed up millcreek road as i still live close enough. actually now i have a 10 minute warm up before i get to the hill. nice!

got to the gate taking it easy and using only one arm as my hurt wing is still ummm, hurt.

sat my a$$ down and pedaled most of the way up. felt fresh as i have not ridden much lately. taking it easy on the first half so i could finish strong worked great. honestly i could have gone out a little harder, but wanted to have an easy day.

to my surprise the gate was sclosed already. well that makes sense as nov. 1 is the day it closes and we are past that. great!!
great time to charge up that mountain road without cars. cept....

"can ya lend me a hand? ehh, paw, i mean leg?"
on the road going up.
3/4 way up the ice/snow starts. so be ready for it. ride your mountain or cross bike cause its slick!! no need for studded tires as yet. i will keep ya posted. don't even think of bringing your xc skies as this is only in patches.

we have been getting snowed on and off for the last week. the mountains are getting sugary and then it melts, so the trails are muddy.
look for a review of the new store in ogden tomorrow with pics.


Halloween pics i just found

took clutch last minute halloween trick or treating with little rex. clutch always likes this night. tons of kids out all dressed up, giggling and playing.

clutch of course was a ballerina. same as last year, but she insisted thats what she wanted to wear out of all her costumes. which dare i say are many, many.
blurry iphone pics, sorry. click on them to make them bigger of course and download them for your "clutch" photo album.