Friday, November 12, 2010

Sage Cycles part 1, with coupons to save money!!!

so for the few that are not current with my comings and goings, i started working for sage cycles, an internet bike shop.

the pertinent info and coupons should you want to get even more savings are: SAGE2010X2 BPX2010X2 DBP2010X2 OSD2010X2

just a little gift from me to you, my loyal readers and what nots.

here is a quick pano of the shop. we have a small store front as we do most of our business on the net. i built all this my self. thank you very much.

i even got my own stamp!!!

all in all its pretty chill. so far i am the only employee here, but be nice to me we will be hiring soon.. we have a sister shop in san antonio, texas were the boss resides in.

its challenging getting used to a 9-6 job hours. i get home and a hard ride is out of the question as i cannot eat enough to recover properly, remember it takes 6-8 hours of eating for me to recover. so lately i have been riding before work.
now that poses its own challenges. it goes from dark to light and cold to less cold. so lights and wardrobe are being tested to see what works best.

BTW i am listening to sharon shannon, "an phallistin". good stuff if you like female Gaelic singers. It means "I am sad for you palestine"

not going to get into that can'o'worms.....

more on the shop later