Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cut Throat team sponsors "Bike Porn Film festival"

before that, google today as their search page pic has Robert Louis Stevenson mural. check it out.......

on to the story
friday night was the fourth yearly bike porn film debauchery at the cut throat clubs house (brians place).

brian is a great guy and the rest of the cut throat team can really throw a shin dig!! mass beer flowing(seemed like every bought beer for everybody else), naughty home made film shorts about.......artys fartys bikes and porn. mostly funny and some in bad taste it made for a good evening.

i saw most of the cut throat team there and the disco dancing that ensued after brought on too much heat indoors and we all stripped down to skin and undies, then danced the night away. it was nice to see so many non bashful healthy bodies moving and grooving all having a good time. very sexy!

we got some good people watching time in at the end as well with the end of night mini stories playing out.

here is the blog if you missed it.