Monday, November 22, 2010

$50.00 cargo bike...... will be a cargo bike once i chop it up and weld on the rear rack.....

i have amassed two 26" mountain bikes to make a cargo bike this late winter, then i came to start thinking "why not use a tandem?" already has the right length, long chain, and heavy duty frame.

so i got to looking at the classifieds and this came up for cheap.
3x8 gearing and canti brakes. not bad huh.... and it looks almost new.
a suspension post even. might save that for the front as the rear is getting lopped off anyways.
a draw back is the 1" threaded stem, but i will be replacing the fork anyways to a 1 1/8" non-threaded fork(that white one in the background actually), so no problem there running any standard stem.
the wheels gotta go to. they are a bit wide(which is good), but too heavy. not to mention shreada valves. i could get adapters and make them presta, but again i will be putting on much lighter wheels. i know, i know, you are saying, "but hey, oilcan, won't that be too light for a cargo bike".
my answer "no". i do not plan on carrying really heavy weight, just big bulky stuff. i can put a couch or refrigerator on the trailer(not yet built).

so stay tuned as i chop, hack, weld and finesse a lovely cargo bike out of this.

Boxxe is not working for me?