Saturday, December 4, 2010

FSA Grossamer Compact crank review test

been trying to get some compact cranks on the cyclocross bike for a while now. ebay produced the best financial way.

running my downhill cranks, shimano hone on this bike just wasn't cutting the mustard. and the 32-44 gearing was not tall enough for street speeds.

got me some fancy yellow fenders. will tell ya more about those later.
sorry for the blurry iphone pics. running the 175mm crank length as to mimic my mountain bike and have more torque for the CX races.
these are pretty light. 627g without the BB. and the narrow Q factor really helps the knees on longer rides.
a breeze to install and so far no problems. 30-50 gearing is much nicer for what i use this bike for.

these cranks have very little flex and feel stiff while standing up mashing on steep hills. shifting is crisp and no jumped chains on rough stuff. over all i like them very much and was happy to get them for such a low price.

i asked on umb about snow on the lower draper trails, so i rode out to there today to take a pic.

seems like there is some scattering of snow and mud still about.
somebody thought it a good idea to ride big treads in the snow/mud today.

i would ride this trail early in the morning while still frozen, but not any later as you will leave tracks in the muddy parts.

Real coyote and roadrunner movie