Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a small part of my recent dental torture

dentistry has gotten sooo high tech. a few quick xrays and BAM, right there on the monitor your teeth are in front of you. here you can see two of the molar implant bases i am getting. then the new teeth get bolted on to those. just a small part of my nightmare.

seems like the warranty is up on all my filling so they decided to fail at the same time. root canals, implants, drilling, more fillings....mean while i have "no" insurance. ouch!!! this is hurting the new car, new bike and even just eating fund. oh well with my teeth hurting so, eating is not high on my list.

oh look at that, a tv in the ceilling. just relax and enjoy some video...right, with all the drilling and pulling and punishment, i didn't even notice the tv until now.

just in case ya need a shot of listerine, the economy size filler.