Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am riding, really I am.

been getting up at 6am and riding before work. its hella early, hella cold and hella snowy.

this is how most morning start for me on my ride. this is not a trail but the street outside my house at 6am
the sun won't even begin to light up the overcast day until 7:18am.. by then i am warmed up(kinda) and already going. doing three two hour rides and one 3-4 hour ride a week. mix in 1-2 joggings or hiking, one day of core work and thats my week.

here we are at 7am, almost dawn going up millcreek road. i gotta run the jet9 with nokian extreme studded tires. they are awfully grippy, but heavy at 2000 grams each tire. its a workout right? the road goes from icy to 1"-2" of slush to 3-5" of snow in one ride.
people look at me like i am nuts when they pass me in their cars going up the hill or on their way to work. maybe i am....maybe i