Saturday, May 7, 2011

If you could walk a mile in my shoes at the 5-mile pass race

then you would have a blister on your heel too and i would have had to walk only 4 miles instead of five in my carbon ballet racing shoes

lets see, $40.00 bucks to race 100% on tore up jeep road in the dessert. 5-mile pass, yup....:(

short story first i flatted at five miles from the start and had to walk back due to ripping a 4 inch gash in my front tire. it was a long hot walk in non walking shoes. forget tools next race i am packing some hiking boots......

raced single speed this race. 10 of us all happy and chatting it up. single speeders are a breed apart. right from the start everybody just slowly ramped up to a comfortable pace on the slightly uphill and kept it there. it was a nice change from the sprint start that gets faster and faster.

we soon split into two groups of five. we will call them the 32x16 group and the 32x18 group. you get the idea.
i was yo-yoing in the second group, gaining on the downhill and slowing losing ground on the up. my plan was to take it easy on the first lap and then kill it on the second.
the course has many many interconnecting trails, but was marked well enough.
mostly a rolling hills start with steepish short hills. they were littered with loose rock as was the whole course. climbing on a sigle speed was challenging at times to keep traction going up.
there were quite a few rock ledges going up.
view of the distance on the front half. btw i got there early and took pics during my practice warmup lap.
in the distance you can see the very very steep hill. everybody had to dismount and walk/run this monster.
the start of the steepy

not only steep but many rocky pitfalls
ouch. why even have something like this in a race?
the back half was a long slight uphill jeep road that turns into a bobsled later
da bobsled through the wash. there was a lot of sandy and gravely areas too. very slick and dangerous at speed. slightly downhill.
one of the sandy slipperys
click on this pano. its the view from the backside.
we then get back to rolling with steep little climbs that finish up with, yes you geussed it a jeep road.

so after tearing my tire and walking back i also managed to tear up my shoes....nice!!!
i loaned a beginner guy $10.00 so he could race, sold ian some brakes for 25.00 for his trails bike and helped two old ladies across the road. karma should have been maxed.
but i still DNF....

oh well. next week is a race at soldier hollow with much steep climbing i was told.


kratka said...

Sorry man. I saw 34% on my Garmin while walking up that crazy hill. Not fun. I agree the course isn't much fun and I hope soldier hollow will be better.

cobes said...

Pics or it didn't happen.

kooshbal said...

You have the worst luck. You should save your money, and volunteer as a race marshall.

zim said...

So where did you flat? It seemed like I saw you carrying your bike everywhere.

granny ringer

OilcanRacer said...

zim, i flatted right before the hike-a-bike hill. you and everybody else saw me walking a couple of times as you guys looped the course and pasted me on your laps. it took that long to get back...sheez.

kratka, soldier hollow will be better, but very steep course.

kooshbal, i normally have great luck in races. this year seems to be opposite. that or else my luck is doing this for a reason? or i am using up my luck with my girlfirend. she rocks BTW

cobes, i probably imagined my tire got tore up. so did everybody else that saw me with my tire on the course. especially all who stopped and wantedtried to help while they were racing. racers throwing tire patch kits/pumps/tools at me. good people all of them. thanks a bunch.