Sunday, July 24, 2011

All over Deer Valley and pics of stuff i saw on the trail

first off a pic from the fire road race a couple of weekends ago.

rode across town and up to deer valley resort. up rossi hill trail. its a bit rough and has some steepish sections. not great climbing,but not too bad.
made my way across daly road and more up. wound up choosing the wrong fork and had to climb a very steep loose rock climb. should have gone right instead of left.
headed up to powerline and had to turn around as i kept getting bombarded with dh guys and too steep climbing on my 32x17 single speed. lots of 2-3 foot drop offs and big root sections.

got back down to a steep fire road and then tried gravedigger with the same problem. back up more steep fire road and finally went up empire link to mid mountain.

then up tour de suds and down team big bear. again mid mountain and up a no name steep rooty trail. this mellowed a bit and cut across with lots of switchbacks. down homeward bound to mid mountain then across for a while and up another steep trail i did see a name. this one had a snowmobile on the trail

that led me back across a trail called moose bones that dumped me out on t&g.

so i went down t&g and got to compare my new kona unit steel single speed rigid bike to my white jet9.

very efficent, fast, good pedaling and fun.

suspension and higher speeds, spongy climbing, quick steering

both bike seemed nimble, but in different ways. the jet has a steep head angle so the front end steers fast. the kona unit has short chainstays and is whippy, but slack head tube angle.

also the kona has 710mm bars and got stuck quite a few times in the narrow trees. here is one

got all the way across to another trail and even farther this time. connected to "link" trail and that turned into a dh trail with challenging stuff for a rigid bike. eventually connected that to some of the trails i came up, so i switched to new off shoots and found these old cars on the trail. some even had good chrome still.

her is another shot of the snowmobile as i repast it again.
came down a loose rock rough trail that dumped me on prospector road and then crossed town to home. 4 1/2 hours of good steep climbing and techy downhill through some jungle in the forest.
i am tired from this one as i didn't have a lot of rest from the night before.

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