Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweeny trail, guardsman road, mid nountain, round valley...maybe something new

friday we rode across lost prospector trail, crossed park city and up sweeny's, then connected to flat cable and cresent mine grade trail. that goes into mid mountain and then down spiro.
its a fun combo with sweeny and flat cable having some steep and rocky climbs.
jan climbing strong through the jungle that is over growing everywhere this summer

just a teaser pic of something new i just got. more on that tomorrow
got some fun laps in round valley. saw this little guy on the trail.
today went up guardsman road from p.c. city. this is my new favorite steep, constant road climb. starts at around 6,000 ft. and climbs solid to about 10,250ft.

your on pavement for the first part and it goes up, up, up. 10-14% grade with only two small 7% grade parts.

then the pavement ends and your on gravel road. its got studder brake bumps and good size loose gravel. no real ruts but the bumps makes for tough climbing up that steep grade.

ends at the parking lot just before scotts trail into puke hill. i climbed faithfully in middle chain ring until the gravel road. i slipped into little chainring as my legs are used to mashing a big single speed gear, not spinning. over the next couple of weeks i will repeat this hill and keep that middle gear as a goal.

took the same way down untill i saw this trail, "t&g". its a classic park city black diamond downhill trail. pretty tame. more like a beginner one. a few root drop offs, couple of rocks and lots of switch backs. what it had was tight tight tree sandwiches. my 580mm bars on the white jet9 just barely made it though.
that dumped me onto a fire road and then i got over to mid mountain. took that to spiro and down that again.

we went to see a band at the canyons with everybody else in town. little picnic and wine. we stayed for a while and then headed over to jordenelle lake to see the boat parade and band there

the boat parade was the exact opposite. lots of white trash and beer. woman with big beerbellies and guys with even bigger bellies. side note observation. park city=wino's and sports bodies, heber lake= beer and bellies.....


Paul said...

Hey, were you riding up Corner Canyon about a month ago? (June 25th). There was a guy that passed me on a white Kona Unit SS/rigid. I was on a Monocog with a Surly Pug fork and Larry up front.

I'm not even sure how I found this blog. Enjoyed reading.

OilcanRacer said...

no paul that was not me. i just got the "unit" dialed in today.