Thursday, January 6, 2011

The get colder sun up phenonmenom.

so as i get up a couple of hours before the sun does and ride lately i have noticed that my wrists and hands get a little cold on the way back on my ride. i figured that i was speeding up trying to get home faster and not be late.

but no!! today i noticed it even more. its 17 degrees(yes thats Fahrenheit) when i leave my house and right when the sun comes up i get cold. my body is warm from riding hard, but the extremities get chilly. now those that know me, i run hot and this is not normal.

plus i am decked out in fancy winter riding gear and barmitts to boot. checking the thermostat today it went from 17 degrees to "7" degrees right when the sun came up.......why?

why does it need to get even colder right when the sun comes up? it should warm up, right?

well with time to think as my teeth were chattering i came up with these ideas.

as the sun comes up it changes the atmospheric pressure, thru warm rays and sunlight, thus creating a cold wind. wind chill if you will.

second thought was that the sun lowers the inversion layer and creates colder condense temperatures.

either way it sucks. cause below 10 degrees and riding fast, your nose will run and freeze to the point that it will block your breathing and hurt from cold ice in your nose.
also parts of your skin lose feeling and start to die off(cheeks, nose...etc).
then the road turns to ice. not the shiny black ice that you can see, but the dull looks like normal, but very slick ice that will make you fall in a second, kind of ice.

its much too cold to take pics this early so instead i have pics of food to tide you over.
here i am hard at work, for my fans that are requesting more pics of me.

now to the food. these lovely morsels are called empenadas. pastry filled with all kinds of meat, cheese, egg, veggies and potatoes. mmmm, mmmm, yummy.

of course these need no explanation. had a few at the beautiful trish's house the other day and bought a BIG box at costco. not a big box of "trish", a big box of chocolates, silly.

training is going well. a little slow as the early mornings lake good thrust effort, but i am getting enough push for winter time. long rides on the weekends and its all good......i hope.