Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday at Lambert and Supa cold craptacular workout this morning.

ran the dogs at lambert on the frozen hog course this sunday after a really great four hour ride in the countryside with trish on saturday.
i know not very many pics, but its hard to take them when my fingers are frozen.

the part of the course on frozen hog that is fire road is nicely packed down from people driving on them. here a jeep almost ran me and the dogs down. close call
i ran the single speed with weirwolf tires and it wasn't have bad grip. but conditions are perfect. i expect much more slush for race day.

going back this weekend with a monster bike idea. don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet.

ran the dogs hard for 1 1/2 hours and they even went off chasing deer and rabbit. here they are resting on the warm car ride home.

awwwww.......bestest of friends in the back of the car.

tuesday morning to day, BTW its 1-11-11, just thought you might want to know that.

here is the view at the wee hours of the still dark morning. just to show that its not always snowing or snow covered in the streets here.
but it is cold. it was 10 degrees F. rode up millcreek road to the gate. the plan was to go up four times at about 25 minutes each and really push the steep parts. after the second time up the temtrature dropped just enough to make me hurt.

from 5 degrees (cause i am riding in the mountains now) to zero.
yes zero F. it hurt. my hands hurt, my face hurt, my lungs hurt. and i started shivering so hard i couldn't ride straight.

lets review what i was wearing, which is what i normally been wearing when it gets below 20 degrees.

my shimano winter insulated shoes and neoprene booties. lycra tights with no chamois. medium weight leg warmers. racing shorts. long sleeve lycra top. racing jersey and thermal cycling jacket. neoprene barmitts and thin wool mittens. a lycra balaclava for the head and face.

this combination has been even too warm for me to about 7 degrees, then i feel a little cold here and there. today O degrees and windchill from riding fast, made me cold to the bone and i had to stop my workout and limp home.

once home a long hot shower still left me shivering and cold. it took another half hour of hiding under the covers in bed to finally warm up. hypothermia was defiantly beating me down.

i still feel kinda weak hours later. i know most of you are riding your trainers in your warm basements or just not riding, but i can't do either of those. i will have to figure something out.