Thursday, January 13, 2011

Putting on my Iron shirt today.....

second week into my first strength training for the year and i really put on my iron shirt today and went to battle.

riding in the soft snow is a battle of sorts. you must muster up more strength and gusto that you would normally use. jumping on and off the bike. running sections and trying to jump back on from soft footing. a lot of muscles not normally used in the rest of the year are being strained and slammed hard.

thats why i welcome a snow race at the beginning of the year just coming at the end of base training.

so today i put the hammer down and did 30 mins just below LT, 30mins just above LT and then repeated that for a hefty two hours of what would equal LT.

its a way to actually get in two continuous hours of LT when you don't have time to rest in between sets. mind you it hurts and you won't be going too fast on your last set, but the effort and heart rate is there. progression surely will follow. that or fatigue.

pushing this hard it is easy to lose focus when riding a narrow hardpack trail. i slid off track in this corner, washed out the front tire and went down the steep hillside in soft power about 50 feet. the bike stayed up top and i went down. no injury, just cold tumble.

most of pipeline is hardpack and can be ridden. i jumped off the steep sections just to get a good runup and heartrate pump

here i am doing my flying nun impersonation. the holes drilled into the glasses are supposed to keep them from fogging,, but they still do.
wait, whats that noise......on nevermind just the dogs chasing animals off trail again.

i am spent good today. hardest workout in a long time, but it felt good to really reach down and burn all the matches. well i always seem to have one or two left over no matter how hard i go out.

tomorrow is rest day, then back out to lambert on the weekend and a long ride with trish.