Thursday, January 27, 2011

The 2011 Frozen Hog Race course update

rode one easy loop of the expert course today just to get a feel of the conditions and snow amount.

most of the single track is packed down good, but its 3" to 6" thick with dirt patches showing here and there. once 50 or more riders get on it, it will turn to mushy, slushy slop.

forget about riding the uphill parts altogether.

the course is marked very well, except for the end of the loop where we would normally ride up spring and complete the loop. now it has us going across and up rodeo. big mistake. no one has walked/hiked or even ridden it. so its soft snow and adds another 2-3 miles of running uphill.
why do this? this is a bike race not a running race.

well marked
good hardpack while it lasts
somebody has been out on a pugsley, goodluck with that. big round smooth tires are not a good choice for this course.