Sunday, January 30, 2011

Second place 2011 Frozen Hog snow race in lambert park.

didn't get to ride the last two weeks due to work, but i did get lots of "core" and crossover workout. i felt a cold coming on a couple of days before the race and it hit hard on race morning. stuffy head, slight fever and achy body. ehhh, i raced anyways.

high points:
very fast course, great le mans running start, racing with friends, some fitness was gained thru training....

low points:
racing with a stuffy headcold, picking a bike and tires for slushy snow conditions when it was icy hard, not enough fitness for heavy tires, gear on single speed was for soft snow not hardpack...., low turn out this year....

ok so second(correction first place) place isn't bad for not being in race shape yet, so i will hold back on the self mutilation. this whole month its been soft snow or slushy mushy conditions at lambert. so i chose to ride my single speed(32x20) with a surly pugsley front wheel.

wrong choice as the race day conditions were completely iced up and the trail was really hard and ridable. not what i was expecting. my choice was under geared and wheel weight was way too heavy compared to my fitness level.

the plan was by using the wide front tire and not wash out on the turns. instead i was washing out the front tire everywhere due to it being wide and bald on the ice.

on the steep climb i was going to run the same as everybody else. what happened there i had to jog because i was so tired from pushing so hard on the flat.

the flat fire road, was a nightmare as half the time i was spinning out and then half standing up mashing.

the singletrack left me even with the other racers, so i really wasn't able to pass a lot of guys in my field.

would like to thank noble sports for these pics.

looking hopeful at the start
greg on my left here is telling me how he just won a race in arizona in 80 degree temps and it felt way hotter to him. i am not even listening, eyes focused on my path to run through the icy road.

got a great start on the run of the le mans. the first slip!!!
the second and third slip....

the field surging forward starting to over take me because of my slipping
lighting some matches to get turbo running legs to fire.
turbo engaged, 5,4,3,2,1,....ignition.....
turbo on, check, feet firmly planted on the ice, check, arms swinging like a madman, check, heartrate climbing, check.
on the last part of the loop, it was just a little downhill and very icy. we were all bumping into each other and some guys slowed down. i didn't, but somehow didn't fall either.

so this little guys come from third row back and just runs right by us all like we are standing still. i think for sure a runner like this is gonna get on a walmart bike and fall. but noooooo!! he gets on a niner and takes off. he must be irish to be that short "and" fast.
heartrate too high, check.

got on the bike and was in third due to a slow jump on. greg gibson was right behind me on the run and right in front on the bike. second turn, my front tire went from one side of the trail to the other, washed out and i went completely off the trail. four guys got by before i got back on. same thing happened two turns later, but only two guys got by.

on the single track i started taking chances and when a guy in front of me wavered, or washed out or slowed i was able to pass four guys. i used one guys rear tire as a berm on accident to get by him. sorry brother.

then the dreaded short steep climb. i tried to ride the first part, but was forced to jog instead as heartrate went quickly through the roof. six guy got passed me there. i picked two off on the downhill and another one on the flat. but two different guys passed "me" on the flat and we all caught up to slow traffic(sport group) on the single track.

this is the end of the first loop and steve is just catching me for a pass.

at the end of the loop there is a short slightly uphill paved road and i got around a big group of sport riders and with taking many chances and lack of vision(i don't see to well) caught the tailend of the leaders by the end of the single track.

i had a small glimmer of hope until the the uphill part again. reduced to a slow jog, the leaders pulled away from me and even more so on the flat. i limped in 5 minutes behind greg in first and the leaders.
i was running just under and just over LT through the whole race, so i know that i was trying hard enough. the cold was really holding me back, but not as much as the wrong tire choice.

here i am thanking my sponsors "hammer nutrition" as josh called us up in front of the crowd.
a very happy leprechaun after the race. i would like to thank trish for taking these pics and coming down to the race.
getting my back scratched at the finish line. didn't have anybody in front or behind me, so the finish was just a roll up for me.

here is a little vid that one of the guys did of the race. you can see me at the start totally slip on the first three steps, then take off like a rocket. some little guy was cookin on the run. he led us all the way to the bikes.

all in all this was a training shakeout race for next month, the first of the 2011 intermountain cup series in red rocks, saint george. finished with strength training and will start spin/speed this next month.

added later:

here is the unedited version of the litte guys(ian beatty?) vid. the start is halirious. my slipping and just tucking in behind the lead runner. then ian comes cookin around the outside as the rest of us are sliding out of control into each other.