Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Millcreek road times five

five intervals of 32 mins each with whatever heartrate as long as i do it in middle chainring going up millcreek road. which is perfect cause from the stop sign to the gate is just about that.

then a cold leisurely ride down and repeat.

this is a nice workout and with most workouts involving fives, the first was way too easy. the second and third made me sweat and felt like the body was being put thru its paces. the fourth hurt and questioned my sanity. the fifth proved to myself that i was insane, for i didn't think i had the legs to do.
(in a yoda voice) but surprise myself, i did. yeeeess....

for the fifth was exactly like the four in every aspect except for the sun was begining to go down and a little more chilly willy on the way down.
i contemplated a sixth, but that nagging voice(not yoda this time) was telling me not to over train like i usually do. so i left it like the books called for.

on the first two up's the road was slushy and very wet. then the snow plow came by almost knocking me down with a wave of salt and the road became a bit more friendly.
we got about a foot of new snow last night and here is the gate in all its glory for you XC skiers. now get up there and "mush"!!!

tomorrow is either a rest day or just 10 quick, steep max heartrate intervals.