Thursday, February 10, 2011

And so it begins, the Intermountain Cup series plate

as a commitment to myself i got a plate for this year. they look spiffy and i get my name on it.

rode the same workout today as tuesday with the exceptions that i felt gggrrreaaat!! first three climbs were energetic and i was spinning bigger gears. the last two intervals were almost the same.

the trick i think is that i have been getting tons of rest and recovery now that i am not working again. also sleeping in, eating tons of food, no stress and time to get all the little bugs worked out of my bike.

the last interval(and i use that term loosely as they were all 30mins exactly) i felt so good still, i upped up two gears for 3/4 of the way, but after that i had to return to the gear i used before as i burnt my legs down to almost nothing. this was right around at the 3 hour mark.
i mean i almost got tunnel vision and hearing was starting to go. 60 seconds of normal regular spinning and strength came right back(thanks you great genes for quick recovery).
i finished up with having to slow down at the end, the last 200 yards, as i was 2 mins faster than 30mins. coach doen't like it when i don't follow orders(i mean plans)

got home, forced down a recovery drink. and i mean forced as they never taste good. cooked up some toast, four eggs and four spicy sausage. the ensuing greasy breakfast anchor i put in my body caused an almost immediate food coma, but i managed to stay awake and write this post.

had some left over bike pics from the frozen hog race. just gonna throw them up here cause i need to post them somewhere else as well.
kinda hard to tell, but those are 6,000grams of wheel and tires there. thats a lot to pedal uphill.
clearly the wrong choice for that morning as it was icy and not soft slushy snow. they were of no advantage and of big disadvantage that day. also gearing was too low. more for soft snow, so i spun out on the flat.

those nokian studded extreme tires are the bomb for grip. its just at 2065g per tire they weigh as much as a