Saturday, February 12, 2011

Night hike and strained back, must think ahead.

ok someone, who will remain nameless, talked me into a hike on friday right at sunset. seemed like a good idea as the weather was sooo warm(40 degrees)

except i should have know, due to the person that we were going to do some extreme hike not the pleasant stroll i envisioned.

its hard to see, but there were a big group of deer on the side of the hill
here is a pano of the bottom of the hike. notice i say "bottom" and how high up we are already.

cause it was steep. no i mean really steep and never let up. not much mud, but after a while we got into some really slick ice, then snow.

then the sun disappeared completely and it got challenging to keep going. but keep going we did. yakking about this and that, political, philosophy, work, recent world events, etc....

finally it got cold enough to head back down and the way a trail is hard to climb up, is down right dangerous on the way down. in the dark. on icy snow.

i wrestled up a branch for a walking/leaning stick, but even that did not prevent me from landing on various(now sore) body parts. one in general, my lower back. why am i such a fragile caveman?

woke up this morning kinda sore and have postponed todays ride until tomorrow.

i know better and have the right stuff for these kinds of forays. i just wasn't thinking ahead. reminder to self, think ahead.

the original pugsley....