Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tim Conway, wrong number, you will laugh

if your a dude that is. cause this has most likely happen to you.


I can say Saskatchewan without starting to stutter.

dust off your tarten and raise up your voices saps

A relaxing day with great sun.

i blew off this weekends bike workouts in lew(spelling?) of a sore back. took the doggies out on pipeline for three hours leisurely. weather was fricking funtastic. super bright sun and ridable snowy trail. it got a bit slushy right near the end, but still good.

my annoying brother visiting from cali, who some of you might remember, or not. went to ride bst early this morning even though i told him it would be muddy and rutty and icy. he didn't care as he was going to test out his rebuilt up "super D" bike. whatever.

made some chocolate pudding in 5 mins, cause i can. boy this brings back memories of childhood eating. that and jello.