Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Millcreek road repeat and Puirt a Beul by Sileas and lemonjenny+sister

did the same millcreek road workout yesterday that i pumped out last tues/thur.

funny how you do the same route and it can be soo different.
the first interval(remember now these are 30 mins, high spin and big gear) my hearate was high and it felt awkward. i don't think i was warmed up even though i did my normal warmup.

the second was breathtaking. if i could feel like this during every race i could win anything. flew up in a big gear, never downshifted on the steep parts, hearate bearly going and it wizzed by.
third and fourth although i was able to keep in the same big gear, i had to put out some "grunt" effort on the steeps.
fifth hurt me. hurt me bad. hearate was not too bad, but legs were burning on fire.
leg strength is still high just coming out of "strength" period of training, cause i was able to finish spinning in that big gear and not over shoot hearate. i could really feel this workout later in the day so this must be good building up.

although coach wants me to mix in some flat riding next week, i think i am going to repeat this workout on tue/thur again to get a solid base for the intermountain cup red rocks rampage race coming up in saint george.
its got two good climbs and two good flat areas.

no pictures, so i am going to include Puirt a Beul by Sileas and another version by lemonjenny and her sister. i learned this song from my my great grandmother while in ireland and would sing it in her garden. it always seemed to be drizzling rain and she never cared. told me it was god watering our words so they would grow.