Saturday, February 19, 2011

Avalanche center issues warning for sunday

The Utah Avalanche Center has issued an avalanche warning for Sunday, asking the public to avoid steep slopes.

The advisory was issued late Saturday and named the Western Uinta Mountains and various mountains near Logan, Provo and Salt Lake City as the most potentially dangerous.

"Natural and human triggered avalanches breaking into preexisting weak snow have occurred recently," the warning states. "With additional snow into Sunday this danger will continue."

The public has been advised to stay off steep slopes in those areas Sunday, especially those slopes that face North.

Those interested in spending time in the backcountry are asked to check in with the Utah Avalanche Center's advisory bulletin before leaving. They are also advised to carry basic rescue gear, including beacons shovels and probes.

Make Pens Work Using The Sole of Your Shoe

Make Pens Work Using The Sole of Your Shoe

We've all tried to get a recalcitrant pen working by scribbling furiously on a piece of paper. For a quicker and less messy solution, try using the sole of your shoe instead.

This is one of those bits of folk wisdom that's probably been circulating for years.

A quick test confirmed that it works like a charm, and my speculation is that it might work better than paper by gripping more firmly to the ballpoint. Whatever the reason, it's a neat trick.

If you want to have a baby on November 11, 2011 then tonight’s the night!

Best chances for a full term baby to arrive on 11/11/11 is for it to be conceived today or tomorrow.