Monday, February 21, 2011

Apearently not enough pictures of me?

still getting emails that i don't take enough pics of myself. ok granted this is a blog about "my" racing, but i don't have a photographer following me around and i am not as good as allison mann taking pics while riding.

so here are some recycled pics from the past. some you have seen, some you have not. maybe.....

you can click on any of these and see a bigger pic.

my cuz's jetski. the thing is ridiculously fast and turns on a dime. just cruzing back onto shore.

my rainy day ninja hat
just chillin with my daughter, i mean doggie.
ok pinky this is how we are going to take over the world.....
family portrait
opps...a little slippery there.
i built this and it was waaaaay to fast, so i gave it to the neighbor kids who instantly called me the "koolest" guy in the world instead of the "loudest" neighbor in the world.
my pup when she was a pup. quite fearless as we are 50 feet up crossing a gap. half way thru she proceeded to run around me and double back a couple of times just to show off. i was happy just not to fall and die.
craig the movie guy took my pic with his phone and made me art. its amazing what phones can do these days

ya got have your sock garders for "just in case"
me: "i got the whole wide world in my hands"
clutch: "where i don't see anything"