Wednesday, February 23, 2011

did two hours of LT intervals yesterday. with two five min. bursts of 185 heartrate in the middle of each. that teaches the body recovery and nets LT improvement at the same time. the wind was howling strong and pushing me around a lot. had to really shift around to keep things steady.

workout seemed too short and i still had tons of energy, so i took the doggies hiking for two hours up in the mountains through the snow.

here is the jet9 steed decked out in training gear. sitting at 33lbs with fenders, tools and training wheels/tires. i will get it down to 22lbs just before the race coming up.

today i took clutch to play with her new boxer friend sasha in park city. i got talked into shoe shoeing. and i am still going to stand by my word that shoe shoes are not needed in this area unless the snow is deeper than your hips.

we went up a steep hill, marched around and came back. it was just lovely. the weather perfect and the company as well.
such a poseur....
sasha's mom, the wonderful janet was our guide for the day. although we sunk though the snow in some areas, i don't think my regular boots would have done much different. avid snow shoe'ers will argue, but the dogs got through it without shoes......
click on this pano pic and you can see the park city mountains from our great view. doggies running around playing