Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fiasco at the dentist

just trying to hold on the last couple of days

went in monday for a root canal and the dentist tried to just "numb" me instead of knocking me out. big mistake. two hours later, seven shots of novocain and a whole tank of nitros i was getting sick and not at all numb.

had to go home with a hangover that lasted for two days and no root canal. went in wednesday and they barely got me under. too much "don't remember" drugs cause my hands hurt bad, but i don't remember why. i guess i must have been gripping the armrest handles while they drilled me.

still feeling a little run over, but its getting better. at least my teeth pain will be gone. its been a hard year of teeth pain lately as all of my filling have failed or fallen out at the same time.
teeth are strong, but the warranty on the filling must have been up.

and its expensive without dental insurance. my new 29er,
whistler trip and half my new car are now invested in my teeth.

you can see by this pic that my bling smile shows my empty bank account.