Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new training regime

hooked a trailer up to my bike today as i heard that its all the rage pulling your kids around.
not having kids i pulled my doggie, but she likes to ride in comfort and i like to spoil so.....

then i got the idea that if adding a little weight to the bike is good, then adding lots of weight to the bike must be better. i passed a group of asians waiting at the bustop going to a tron convention and gave them a ride on my bike. you can barely see me, but i am in the middle of that stack pedaling furiously up 39th.

then i get this pic from one of my third cousins that i inspired to ride her bike more. i think she over did it a bit......

got in a two hour ride yesterday to take inventory after cramping out at the race. legs felt fine. gonna try for 2-3 hours on the road in park city today if the weather holds up. if not running the dogs through the snow.