Monday, March 21, 2011

Hail on a bike really really hurts

wore my waterproof biking gear today as rain/snow was expected. those that know me, know that weather doesn't stop my riding. look back in time on the blog and you will see plenty of hard weather pics.

but.....hail? ouchy...

went up millcreek road once for a little standup pedaling workout. this was going to be just the first part of the ride. started snowing a bit on the way up. no problem.

on the way down, hail. ok, not just any hail, but big hail. it hurt having only a thin thin layer of nylon between me and the icy pelts. i was staying warm and dry, but the beating continued. i slowed, but it still hurt.
i stopped, but it still hurt. it was very windy and the hail was coming down sidways. i tried hiding under a tree, but then got cold. so i braved the beating and got my arse home. the hail continued for a while so i called it quits and took a nice warm shower.