Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got hammered in the wind for three hours

thought i would ride over to draper to check out how the trails are drying out. seems like it snow a little bit last night.

the whole way there i was into a strong 15-17 mph head wind. i was down to 6-9 mph on a lot of the flats and struggling. good day to work on my aero

well my four hour ride turned into a three hour ride as the wind kicked my butt. you would think on the way back that i would be sailing, but no. the wind direction changed just enough to come at me from the side and worked to knock me over and slow me down. ah well, its all a workout anyways right?

got in two hours on the bike everyday for the last four days. feeling good. yesterday i rode up rattlesnake gultch on my brothers "super D" bike after working for 8 hours of core workout. i am going to take that bike to fruita this weekend so i wanted to make sure it was running.

boy i have been spoiled on 29er's cause that little wheel bike was a pita to get up that trail. its really steep, lots of loose rocks and now the tacky wet trail is slick on all the rocks showing. i managed to dab three times due to little wheel hardship on the bottom half of the trail. forget the top. its all dirty ice to the top.

rode across pipeline for a while and dropped out at midway. the nice wide 2.5 tires made good float over the snowy trail on pipeline, but i was really fighting to stay straight. 29er wheels would have been a lot easier.

today was mostly sweetspot training with a handful of uphill short LT pulls. felt good. gonna rest tomorrow, work three hours at night, then drive five hours to fruita to meet everybody at 9am for saturday ride.