Monday, March 28, 2011

Fruita colorado with some pics

first off i saw this cherry syncro vw van up millcreek on thursday in the parking lot. yummy. me wants one. can i has?

we started on sat. after a slightly late start(partly my fault) at the ribbon on Tabeguache area.

with all the slickrock it was a bit of a mystery as to where the trail went sometimes...
just a bunch of paved rock.
josh bikepeddler our trail organizer guru for the day.
don't ask and i won't tell. not that i even know what this is.
just some random stuff of the day. a wide range of abilities made for good entertainment.

we got some good grub that night at "tomato" something or other food house and woke up to a few light sprinkles. decided to check out Kokopelli as it was suggested to be drier.
did a few trail loops and then on to mary's trail which is a canyon rim trail, with a green river look over.
why is this pretty girl always smiling. a real trooper, taking a good "over the bars" the day before, never once complained, just shrugged it off and kept going.

there were many a good lookout on this trail. click on the pics to get a better view.
lots of slick rock everywhere.

even though the jacuzzi seemed always to be under chlorine maintenance or jammed packed with screaming kids and the lack of waffle brew to make waffles, the motel was modest, but comfortable.

it was a good weekend with mild, but nice warm semi-sunny weather, great comapny and good riding. much fun to ride dirt instead of snow for a change. spring is right around the corner and we will get our dirt back on line.

we had better luck than the racers at the "true grit 50". they got rained out after the start and had to cancel the race.